PSEC with Key Encapsulation Mechanism

PSEC-KEM Related Reference List

As a link to the information provider, below is a summary of presentations at conferences related to PSEC-KEM and published papers. For inquiries regarding the contents, please contact the individual authors (please understand that any inquires to NTT will not receive a response). Furthermore, NTT does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents.

NTT welcomes information related to PSEC-KEM from anyone willing to provide it.

Official Evaluation Report

"NESSIE Security Report, version 2.0," NESSIE Deliverables of the NESSIE project D20, NES/DOC/ENS/WP5/D20/2, Feb. 2003.
"NESSIE Performance of Optimized Implementations of the NESSIE Primitives, version 2.0," NESSIE Deliverables of the NESSIE project D21, NES/DOC/TEC/WP6/D21/2, Feb. 2003.
Information-technology Promotion Agency, and Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
CRYPTREC Report 2002," Mar. 2003.
Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
CRYPTREC Advisory Committee Report 2002 (in Japanese), " Mar. 2003.


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