About Minalpher

Minalpher is designed so that it can be easily used in practice.

Advantages of Minalpher

Providing 128-bit security for both of confidentiality and integrity.

Minalpher provides 128-bit security for both of confidentiality and integrity, while the most of AES-based existing authenticated encryption scheme only provides 64-bit security for data.

Reducing the security risk.

Minalpher provides some level of the robustness against nonce misuse and unverified plaintext release.
Security against nonce misuse. Minalpher is designed to provide some level of the robustness against the nonce reuse i.e., it provides 128-bit security for integrity and confidentiality against nonce reuse.

Efficient implementation in various platforms.

High-end CPU : Minalpher can perform efficiently by using vperm instruction. The performance is 9.6 cycles per byte on Intel Ivy Bridge.
Low-end Microcontroller : Minalpher is designed to become reduced in size on low-end microcontrollers. The small size code on RL78(*) is not greater than 512 ROM bytes.
Hardware : In hardware implementations, Minalpher shows high scalability between the speed-area trade-offs: 2.8 kGE @369.3 Mbps and 16.7 kGE @ 9.9 Gbps are achieved in corner cases with a 45-nm CMOS process.

Mode of operations