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As a link to the information provider, below is a summary of presentations at conferences related to ESIGN and published papers. For inquiries regarding the contents, please contact the individual authors (please understand that any inquires to NTT will not receive a response). Furthermore, NTT does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents.

NTT welcomes information related to ESIGN from anyone willing to provide it.

(1) Journals

  • Okamoto, T. and Shiraishi, A., ``A Digital Signature Scheme Based on Polynomial Operations,", Systems and Computers in Japan, 17, 5, pp.36-44 (1986) (translated from IECE Transactions, J68-D, 5, pp.1157-1164 (1985)).
  • Okamoto, T., ``A Fast Signature Scheme Based on Congruential Polynomial Operations, " IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Vol.IT-36, No.1, pp.47-53 (1990).
  • Kobayashi, T., Fujisaki, E., "Security of ESIGN-PSS", IEICE Transactions on Fundamental of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Vol.E90-A, No.7, pp.1395-1405, July 2007.

(2) International Conferences

  • Okamoto, T. and Shiraishi, A., ``A Fast Signature Scheme Based on Quadratic Inequalities," Proceedings of the Symposium on Security and Privacy, IEEE, pp.123-132 (1985).
  • Fujioka, A., Okamoto, T. and Miyaguchi, S., ``ESIGN: An Efficient Digital Signature Implementation for Smart Cards," Proceedings of Eurocrypt'91, LNCS 547, Springer-Verlag, pp.446-457 (1992).
  • Okamoto, T., Fujioka, A. and Fujisaki, E., ``An Efficient Digital Signature Scheme Based on an Elliptic Curve over the Ring Z_n,'' (with), the proceedings of Crypto'92, LNCS, Springer--Verlag, pp.54-65 (1993)
  • Okamoto, T., Fujisaki, E. and Morita, H. ``TSH-ESIGN: Efficient Digital Signature Scheme Using Trisection Size Hash,'' IEEE P1363a (1998)

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